Senin, 16 April 2012

Just wanna share =))

i've just added a gadget on my blog then i realize tht there're some people who come from outside INDONESIA visited my blog.. So, welcome!!! and let me give a quite simple explanation for you guys..

"I am minangese (people from west sumatera) but mostly indonesian people call us as Orang Padang"

I do my small business based on my hobby of cooking and i feel like to share the heritage of my homeland (West Sumatera, a place with super popular food like rendang, dendeng batokok, srikaya, gulai otak sapi, tape ketan hitam, sate padang, martabak kubang, es tebak, bubur candil, and many more.. actually you also can see some Minang's restaurants outside Indonesia like in Singapore, Australia, England even in USA: Indonesia Restaurant di 678 Post Street, San Francisco. But reviewing about the taste, it has a little bit different taste from the origin because they usually lower the spicy level of each food =P

Ok guys, let the pictures tell you more and feel the joy to check it one by one..

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